The Wonder of Web Video

T-Reign Retractable Outdoor Products hired Vantage Point to produce a series of web videos highlighting their products. These videos let consumers quickly see T-Reign’s products in action … and how easy they are to operate.

This video demonstrates the T-Reign’s ProHolster.

VIDEO allows consumers to experience a product more fully, engaging them emotionally – and that’s just what makes a product sell according to Knowledge Wharton Today.

“Four retailers who spoke at a conference in May at Wharton’s Jay H. Baker Retailing Center came up with same answer: Connect with the consumer on an emotional level, and the sales will follow.

Three out of four emphatically agreed that while there are unlimited ways to connect with the consumer, video has become one of the most effective tools. “If a prospective buyer clicks on a video on our website, the likelihood of an actual purchase goes up 50%,” said Lindsay Rice, vice president of direct-to-consumer at The North Face, an international purveyor of outdoor clothing and gear for men, women and children.”