Vantage Point + In-N-Out Burger

Vantage Point (formerly Video Event Productions) was the original, exclusive, video production company for In-N-Out Burger. Steve Moses, president of Vantage Point Productions, conceived of – and first produced – BTV, Burger Television, for In-N-Out. BTV is an employee instructional series still being produced to this day.

Steve Moses, “It was an honor to be part of the In-N-Out family; and it is a treasured part of our company history. Rich Snyder, then president of In-N-Out, was very progressive and marketing savvy. He understood the value of video as a marketing and in-house communication tool, as well as a means of archiving the company’s history. He established video production as an integral part of his company long before it was the norm for most companies.”

Vantage Point salutes In-N-Out for its innumerable contributions to our community and for setting the standard for quality and integrity, in both their product and business model.

Now, go get yourself a burger … or two, and consider how video can help your company!