Vantage Point + In-N-Out Burger

Vantage Point (formerly Video Event Productions) was the original, exclusive, video production company for In-N-Out Burger. Steve Moses, president of Vantage Point Productions, conceived of – and first produced – BTV, Burger Television, for In-N-Out. BTV is an employee instructional series still being produced to this day.

Steve Moses, “It was an honor to be part of the In-N-Out family; and it is a treasured part of our company history. Rich Snyder, then president of In-N-Out, was very progressive and marketing savvy. He understood the value of video as a marketing and in-house communication tool, as well as a means of archiving the company’s history. He established video production as an integral part of his company long before it was the norm for most companies.”

Vantage Point salutes In-N-Out for its innumerable contributions to our community and for setting the standard for quality and integrity, in both their product and business model.

Now, go get yourself a burger … or two, and consider how video can help your company!

Video Production, For You – For Your Company

Vantage Point Productions, Inc. is a full service video production studio.


• Get your company noticed with a promotional video.

• Keep your employees up to date with training videos hosted online for easy access.

• Have the progression of a project documented.

Plus much more.

Whatever message you need to convey, or documentation you require, we are here to help.


For starters, have your VHS home movies transfered to DVD, Bly-ray or Flash Drive

Give the gift of a customized Photo Montage, perfectly personalized with custom editing, titles and music.

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